The study presented the results of a survey on the sexual behavior of 500 couples in stable long-term relationships.

Dr. Brendan Zietech of the University of Queensland claims that the most accurate and sincere data on endurance in the bedroom is made by a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study included couples from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey and America who measured the time of sexual intercourse from penetration to peak.

It has been shown that the average time of sexual intercourse without foreplay in the said countries is 5.4 minutes.

The fastest “trigger” was the Turks, whose average ratio was 3.7 minutes, while men from other countries could stand for six to seven minutes.

The study showed that younger men were more durable, so in men, over 30 years of age the average duration lasted 6.5 minutes, and in men of men over 51 years it took about 4.3 minutes.