Measure Your Face to Determine Your Shape

Every person has one of six face shapes: round, square, long (or oblong), heart, diamond, or oval. Knowing which shape your face is can help you choose a haircut and style that is the most flattering on you.

Measure Your Face

To figure out which face shape you have, you’ll need a ruler or a tape measure. Be sure to write down the measurements you get for each step.

  • Measure across your forehead at the widest point.
  • Measure the widest length across your cheekbones.
  • Measure your jawline at its widest point.
  • Measure the length of your face by using the “cross shape method.” Put the ruler just under the eyes and measure from ear to ear (stop where the ear begins). Then place the ruler at the top of your forehead at your hairline and measure to your chin. The width and length will give you a ratio (width:length). You will either be 1:1 1/2 or 1:1 or 1:2.

Round Shape

Round faces tend to be soft with non-angular features and full cheeks. You may find that you have more of a round face when you carry a little extra weight, but keep in mind that many round-faced women are super thin and still have non-angular features.

You have a classic round face if:

  • The width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal.
  • Your jaw is slightly rounded as opposed to angular.
  • You have soft features in general. The difference between a round face and a square face (which also measures the same across as long) lies in the angles

Your Best Hairstyles

Typically, if you have a round face, you want to make your face appear longer and leaner and less round. To do this, it’s best to create less volume around the face.

  • Bobs: Try cuts that fall just below the chin, such as the long bob.
  • Gentle layers: Soft, graduated layers found in many shoulder-length hairstyles are a great choice. They make your face appear slimmer and tend to remove bulk and weight from the sides.
  • Wispy and tapered ends: The wisps will help de-emphasize the roundness of your face and give the illusion of length.
  • Long bangs: When it comes to bangs, keep them long or side-swept to project the appearance of extra length.

Styles to Avoid

Avoid one-length, blunt cuts such as the classic bob if you have short hair. Curly, short hair may not be your best choice, either. Instead, consider growing your curls out to shoulder-length or beyond. You can also flat-iron them straight.

Unfortunately, not all short hairstyles are going to look good on you. It may be best to avid pixies and edgy short styles.

Celebs With Round Faces

You are in great company with many celebrities, including Fergie, Kate Bosworth, Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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