stallion landscapeSaturn is direct. Neptune is direct. In fact, everything is direct and on the verge of impact or change. Thursday, Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, each in the sign they rule. They won’t do that again, this time around, while both are direct.

Saturn in Capricorn is structure in its element: earth, cardinal. It signifies concrete boundaries and time honored custom. It makes its impact over time, slowly but surely. It doesn’t lumber, however. It is skilled. It’s parental but also associated with career and reputation.

Neptune in Pisces defies structure without directly defying. It flows around and through. It can be intangible. Watery and mutable, it can dissolve structure. Or it can surround a solid with fog and in doing so obscure its essence. Neptune is connection. It’s a melting pot. It is divinity that seems to bless. Seems to, because it changes what it touches, but the “blessing” is alchemy. It IS what it touches.

Together in sextile, these planets are best explained in metaphor: the caterpillar/butterfly when obscured in its chrysalis. You can’t see reality, but something is in the works. The opportunity is solid, but it’s also uncertain. For now. The gains we see and grasp are not all there is to this influence. We are changed. Everything is changed by what we’ve touched in divinity, but that change is not entirely clear in the short term. Believe in the gains that show up now, but leave room for what hasn’t yet arrived.

The rest of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius move through the midpoint of the Saturn-Neptune sextile. News and everyday communications and plans are one way this is funneled into the collective. It’s not likely to be obvious as it will be diffuse and possibly impersonal. But pay attention to similarities between what’s going on in the world outside and your own little universe.

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