moon-sunThings start off dynamic and exciting this week with the Aquarius Moon moving into the new moon conjunction with the Sun, exact Monday midday. Any new moon is fresh news, but this particular flavor is enhanced by the airy electricity of Aquarius. The new moon also sextiles Jupiter and goes on to roll over Mercury overnight.

Mercury in Aquarius heads into sextile with Aries Mars, exact Thursday. The Sun perfects its sextile to Jupiter on Thursday as well. This stretches our understanding and the impact of this experience over quite a few days. In addition, Mercury moves closer to exact sextile with Aquarius ruler Uranus at the very end of Aries.

This is one big (Jupiter) and impactful (Mars) new moon! With Aquarius it would be a waste of time to try to figure out just how this is going to play. It will be beyond expectation. But we do have a map of the energies. There’s the element of surprise and a new direction. Opportunity is present in a way that is fortunate and far reaching. Making plans coincides with the ability to take action. Talking it out, working on seeing all sides, sensing the environment in new ways… lead to opening new doors and accessing new abilities.

We will be pushed into change, but it will be to our benefit.

With Venus newly in Capricorn, the gains we make are concrete. They may have been a long time coming, or we may have to keep at it over time to realize them. Trust in the process; honor pays off.

Off in the reasonably near future, a week or so, we will have news – shocking news, paradigm shifting news. With Chiron on the midpoint of the Mercury-Uranus trine, it’s swift learning that’s been in the works for quite a while. This quick growth may hurt, but it’s ultimately in our favor.

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