Saturn and Neptune, each in the sign they rule, travel in sextile for much of this year. Trust and belief are closely linked. They work best together. Through the week, Venus moves closer into conjunction with Saturn and forms a sextile with Neptune.

Our desires are naturally tethered to an observable reality, but we want to believe we can have our dreams as well. Too much pie in the sky can lift us right off the ground into a spinning fog. Too much pooh-poohing of dreams and life becomes drudgery. The sextile with Venus involved is a way to brighten the connection and sweeten the pot. Keep looking for possible rainbows to follow.

Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Whether you like it or not, it’s a thing. Red and pink and sweets are all around, but the general Aquarius air of it all tends to tame the schmaltz. On Tuesday, Mars moves over Uranus in Aries. Cupid’s arrows fly. Whether they’re well-aimed is another thing. Mercury in Pisces may aim from the heart, so… I guess we mean well? I don’t know if that helps. It also could be with Mars-Uranus that it’s a really unusual move – or very mad scientist tactical.

I’m glad to see that Mars moves to Venus-ruled Taurus early Thursday. Dinner should be quite impressive. Earthy Taurus Mars brings the aesthetic of luxury to the table, possibly for a bargain price. Wear something silky. Curl your hair. By datetime on Valentine’s Day, the Gemini Moon opposes Jupiter and moves into trine with the Sun. It’s the first opposition in a while, and it’s thrilling, engaging, invigorating. Interactions are off the chart satisfying if you’re good for a go. Whatever is the opposite of boredom – expect that – then be surprised anyway.

Monday the Taurus Moon sets the stage for a Valentine week with Moon trine Venus then Saturn, going on to sextile Neptune. Let belief and trust filter through tangible beauty and imagined ideals, simmering for satisfaction.

Tuesday the Moon trines Pluto and squares the Sun. It goes on to sextile Chiron. Faith and trust mean going deep here. Don’t let a little daily jangle undermine the good habits you’re laying down. “If you’re falling, dive.” Go with the earthy flow, slow and deep. Believe in the healing that’s happening below the surface.

Wednesday, the Moon moves to Gemini and through a conjunction to Juno. From there it goes on to square the Mercury-Vesta conjunction in Pisces, all mutable. We need more options. We’re tied down and we’re feeling the need to branch out and investigate possible new additions to our sacred circle of self and connection to others. MORE! We’ve let our world get too small. If you’re feeling discomfort, consider more options. Don’t throw out the old, incorporate the new!

Thursday, Valentine’s Day, the Gemini Moon squares Neptune in the morning. If you didn’t get a morning cuddle or valentine, give it more time. Also, did you give one? Get a charge out of THAT. The Moon moves into opposition to Jupiter. If you don’t like what you got, GIVE! Then give MORE. The Moon trines the Sun. Think and talk and feel your way into others. What can you give?

Friday morning, the Moon finishes up in Gemini with a sextile to Uranus and a square to Chiron. Feel any feelings of discomfort or longing, but resolve to make something better out of them. What can you do with them to better the situation?

When the Moon moves to Cancer, it picks up a sextile to Mars and a trine to Mercury. Take action as you feel moved to do so. Draw information from your senses and get into flow. It’s a wild wet night and it’s delicious.

Mars in Taurus goes after beauty, is beauty, manifests beautiful surroundings. Where will Mars in Taurus tour your chart?

I always like to include a good, solid love quote in my valentines:
“If you haven’t realized by this time that I love you, and always shall love you, and have never loved anybody else, and never shall love anybody else, you’re a fathead.”
“Unseen in the background, Fate was quietly slipping lead into the boxing-glove.”

― P.G. Wodehouse

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