promThe weekend starts out with late Aquarius Mercury in sextile to Aries Uranus. This takes place with the Moon in early Aries, moving into square with Capricorn Venus. Thinking and communications speed up. We’re on point and can spot some amazing opportunities to improve. However, the mood might just hijack the emotional outcome… if we let it!

Anxiety could assert itself, but not necessarily. “It’s too hard”… “too unlikely” … “that probably wouldn’t work for me…” Alternately, we could mistake the cool moment of thoughtful pause for boredom and divert ourselves down our usual route of reaction. Look for the kernel of something new and follow it. It will feel uncomfortable at first. That doesn’t make it wrong.

Uncomfortable feeling and wrong feeling are not the same; use the influence to upgrade your ability to discern between the two. This is assisted by the waxing conjunction of Mars to Uranus, all weekend and into the week ahead. Strike when the iron is hot, as they say. See that window open and JUMP through it.

Inspired communications and vivid senses run quick as well as hot and cold. Go with the flow, but remain open to whatever form that flow takes. It’s intellectually and physically fun!

Saturday the Moon continues through Aries, squaring Saturn, in trine to Jupiter, sextiling the Sun, and going on to square Pluto overnight. The cardinal mood fares best when it avoids focus on the minutia and actively courts adventure and excitement in the course of the day and night. A little overnight taboo challenge might actually improve a libidinous romp. It “earths” the Mars-Uranus electricity.

Sunday early, Mercury changes sign, moving into Pisces. It glides into conjunction with Vesta which is in orb of sextile to Venus. Senses and communications soften and lose cohesive shape. This is necessary to allow for the permeability needed to reshape with inspiration. Relax your mind and take a rest from the razor sharp thinking that has pushed us thus far. Nothing will be lost. Let things take a new shape, even if you don’t know what that will be. Things are always fuzzy as we refocus. It’s going to be delicious when we get there.

The Sunday Moon tours the rest of Aries. It conjoins Mars and Uranus on its way out of the sign. Move your body when you feel motivated! Finish up with the week’s missed bits. Later in the day, the Moon moves to Taurus, Venus-ruled, into sextile with Mercury, and in orb of trine to Venus. Get things out of the way so that you can enjoy the evening and night!

What are your weekend plans? How has this week treated you? I’ve heard so many are hurting from the slings and arrows of Chiron at the end of Pisces. These growing pains create anguish for some; but it’s the end of the transit soon, another week and a half to go.

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