WATCH: Robocalls increase nearly 400% in recent years

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Transcript for Robocalls increase nearly 400% in recent years

We turn now to the surge in those annoying robo calls Americans received more than five. Billion robo calls last month a lot there’s been a nearly 400%. Increase in recent years. Now congress is trying to do something about it. This morning lawmakers and boots always an Ohio or agree on at least one issue. Illegal and abuse of Ruble calls must end enough is enough. We simply have to stop this. They say something needs to be done about robo calls. Who’s annoying calls that always seem to come at a worse time. Turn a senate hearing lawmakers announced a proposal that would push major carriers to adopt technology. Spectrum block the calls the proposal would also hit offenders with harsher punishments. Possibly up to 101000 dollars in fines per call. It’s no surprise that unsolicited robo calls consistently rank among the top consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. Americans received five point two billion robo calls last month. A 370%. Increases 2015. This cameras Walter you spoofing. Which makes it appear like the calls are coming from an area code that’s familiar. To get you to pick up thinking if someone you know senator Cory garner Colorado said one of his staffers got a robo call in his senate office. My number that look like it was coming from inside the senate building. A phone call looks like it came from the senate and is a scammer garner then played the recorded call. Ever issue. We’ll. I’m casino you just called the United States senate one. And endowed visiting recorded and we know that mrs. Olson’s. Rod how cool. Yeah. Asks why the surgeon robo calls a court decision loss your throughout FCC rules that targeted so call auto dollars. The court said the rules were too broad critics also slammed the FCC for not attic we have forcing the do not call registry. Figure sits more criminal enforcement is needed Bakken congress supported from the new proposal hope to see a senate vote on the plan in the coming weeks. Experts say most robo calls are made by companies were legitimate best and that’s the new proposal in congress what not apply to them.

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{“duration”:”2:05″,”description”:”Lawmakers are pushing for legislation that would require major carriers to adopt technology that can block the calls. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports. “,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/WNN”,”id”:”62351966″,”title”:”Robocalls increase nearly 400% in recent years”,”url”:”/WNN/video/robocalls-increase-400-recent-years-62351966″}
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