Whether you’re working with a heart-shaped face or a round one, we got the experts to share their cheatsheet on how to contour like a pro to make your makeup routine that much simpler


There’s no denying that the art of contouring calls for a fair amount of dexterity with makeup brushes and palettes, but the secret to cracking this long-revered trend is to take a closer look at the shape of your face and the specific features you’d like to bring to attention. Sculpting the angles of your visage is a task easier done when you’re completely aware of the roadmap you’re working with. Since not all of us have a beauty squad on speed dial, we brought in the next best thing with this handy cheatsheet from the experts, to help you work your face shape to maximum effect.

The importance of figuring out your face type before contouring

Celebrity makeup artist, Mitali Vakil, believes that the true art of contouring involves paying homage to your facial structure. “In theory, the objective of contouring is to achieve a perfect oval face. However, this translates differently across varied face shapes. It is essential to celebrate the uniqueness of each face, and accordingly decide where the highlights and contour need to be placed. Many people make what I call the copy-paste mistake, wherein they believe that one type of contour of works for everyone. However, the main purpose [of contouring] is to enhance the special features of your own face.”

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