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Moms do so much for everyone else — so when it comes time to spoil them, you can’t go wrong with a creative gift they’d never think of on their own. Because let’s face it, they’d just tell you “I don’t need a thing” anyway. But you’re in luck, because I have found the best mother’s day gifts on Amazon and my list includes a random, but thoughtful selection of products that will appeal to any mom’s beauty-loving, adventure-seeking, and comfort-appreciating side. And whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day or your mom, step-mom, or mother-in-law’s birthday — or just want to give mom a token of appreciation for being so amazing, this list of 50 genius gifts has something that will appeal to every mom. And, yes, that even includes the mom who has everything under the sun.Moms who appreciate a day at the spa will love the green tea retinol night cream, hydrating eye masks, and essential oil diffuser on this list. If you’ve got an adventurous mom, try out a scarf neck pillow that’s all sorts of comfy cozy for travel. And foodie moms are in luck: genius products like a battery-operated salt and pepper grinder with adjustable coarseness levels and a cute bear that prevents brown sugar are all great finds.Treat your mom to a clever gift for any occasion — even if they insist on nothing at all.1. This Digital Frame That Plays A Slideshow Of Heart-Warming PhotosAluratek Digital Photo Frame AmazonGive the gift that keeps giving — treasured memories. This digital photo frame can play favorite photos via a repeat slideshow. Insert a USB flash drive or SD card with the photos of choice into the frame and it does the rest. The frame also has a built-in clock and calendar. 2. A Powerful Pink Clay Mask For Clearer, Brighter Skin Alya Skin Pink Perfect Australian Pink Clay Mask AmazonAbsorb any and all impurities and excess sebum — and keep skin smooth and clear with this powerful pink clay mask. The vegan mask is made with kaolin clay, fruit extracts, and vitamin E. Reviewers — including those with sensitive skin — rave about how soft this mask makes skin feel. 3. These Soothing Under Eye Masks That De-Puff Tired Eyes Musely Hydrogel Eye MaskAmazonTired eyes won’t know what hit them — these soothing hydrogel eye masks de-puff and help erase dark circles so that you look like you’ve gotten a solid eight hours of sleep (even when you’ve only had five). The masks stay on well and are made with effective natural ingredients like grape seed oil and cucumber fruit extract. 4. An Essential Oil Balm That Helps You Relax And Relieves Anxiety 5. The No-Drama Manual Chopper That Makes Food Prep A BreezeKuhn Rikon Swiss Pull ChopAmazonThe best gadgets in the kitchen aren’t always the tech-heavy ones. This simple manual chopper couldn’t be easier to operate: pull on the lever and instantly chop veggies and fruits. It’s also one of the most effective food prep tools to own, and it’s great for foods like guacamole and salsa. 6. A Unique Foam Roller Water Bottle For Intense Workouts Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle AmazonEveryone needs two things after an intense workout or run: plenty of water and relief for aching muscles. This two-in-one foam roller bottle provides both: it holds up to 27 ounces of water in a quality stainless steel vessel and features a therapeutic foam roller exterior. Choose among eight colors and prints. 7. An Aromatherapy Mist For Linen & Fresher Rooms Asutra Mist your MoodAmazonFill every room in the home with soothing scents by simply spraying this natural aromatherapy mist everywhere — from linen and clothing to furniture. The natural mist is made from essential oils and is safe on fabrics and skin. It comes in seven scents — this one being a blend of lemongrass and jasmine to act as an instant mood booster. 8. A Brightly Colored Yoga Kit With Every Accessory You’ll Need Go Go Active Yoga Accessories Set Amazon This complete yoga kit comes with every accessory needed to get your downward dog on. The set comes in four fun colors and includes two yoga blocks, a large microfiber towel and a smaller one, one yoga strap, and one pair of non-slip yoga socks. Grab a kit and a mat and it’s all you need.9. This 10-Piece Cheese Board Set For The Best Party Ever Organic Cook Cheese Board Set AmazonThe next time you host a party, wow guests with this cheese board set, which includes four cheese knives with sweet ceramic handles, four stainless steel cheese forks, and a ceramic bowl. The board itself is made from quality bamboo and is spacious, with grooves for crackers and breads.10. An Essential Oil Diffuser With Color-Changing Lights Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser Amazon It looks like a work of art and is so functional, anyone will want to use this essential oil diffuser every day. Fill the diffuser with water and a few drops of a soothing oil like lavender or eucalyptus, then program it to rotate among seven color-changing LED lights. 11. This Time-Saving Hair Tool That Dries And Styles Hair Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Amazon This multi-tasking hair drying brush and styler saves major time on hectic mornings. The round brush has two heat settings with a cool option, nylon and tufted bristles that detangle hair, and the ability to create major volume without the need for a second heated hair tool. 12. The Cordless Electric Kettle That Makes Water Boil In A Flash Cosori Electric Kettle AmazonBoil water in minutes with this cordless electric kettle, which is perfect for brewing tea or cooking oatmeal or pasta in a flash. The kettle has a helpful LED indicator light and shuts off automatically after 30 seconds for safety purposes. 13. These Gel Toe Separators That Reduce Foot Pain Keep feet flexible and pain-free with the help of these wearable gel toe separators. The gels straighten the toes and provide relief from bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other painful foot conditions. They’re also great for yoga practice, too. 14. The Ultimate Salad Container For Better Portable Lunches Bentgo Lunch Container Amazon There’s no better way to pack a salad for work than in this bento box lunch container. The tiered container features a bowl for salad, a tray with compartments for various toppings, a 3-ounce sauce container, an airtight lid, a salad fork, and a utensil cover. 15. This Wine Glass Tumbler With A Secure Lid For On-The-Go VinoBruMate Uncork’d Wine Glass Tumbler Amazon This triple-insulated wine glass tumbler can hold up to half a bottle of wine and will keep it the perfect temperature, making it an ideal picnic and on-the-go accessory. The 14-ounce stainless steel tumbler comes with a leak-proof lid and is available in more than 20 colors. 16. The Essential Oils Starter Kit With Six Popular Scents Lagunamoon Essential Oils Amazon Whether you’re brand new to essential oils or looking to build up a collection, these are the six most popular and essential oils you need to keep on hand. This soothing collection includes lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil. 17. An Invigorating Makeup Setting Spray With Green Tea ExtractPure Bliss Makeup Setting Spray AmazonHydrating and totally refreshing, this makeup setting spray is made with antioxidant-rich green tea extract and will set foundation and powder in place, helping makeup last for hours. But it’s also the perfect pick-me-up spray that can be used throughout the day to freshen the complexion. 18. This Sweet Bear That Keeps Brown Sugar From ClumpingThe number one problem with keeping brown sugar around the house for too long is that it hardens and clumps up fast. This adorable brown sugar bear is made from fired clay, is safe in food, and will keep brown sugar and other spices fresh and moist. Soak the bear in water for 20 minutes and place it in a spice container. 19. A Handheld Milk Frother For Fun Drinks 1Easylife Milk FrotherAmazonWhip up lattes and cappuccinos at home with this handheld milk frother, a stainless steel tool that runs on batteries and will take ordinary milk and turn it into an extraordinary beverage. The frother is simple to operate, has an on and off button, and comes complete with sturdy whisk — one that can be used directly in any cup or mug. 20. The Best-Selling Book To Keep Lists And Stay Productive 52 Lists For Happiness Amazon Become more productive, satisfied, and happy by tracking goals and gratitude in this best-selling journal that also functions as a motivational book. It has 52 lists to complete each week to discover, remember, and revel in the things in life that add positivity. 21. This Handcrafted Soap Made With Nine Natural, Nourishing Ingredients Gardeners Gold Soap AmazonThere’s nothing better than a product with identifiable natural ingredients (but it’s also pretty rare). This handmade soap was crafted in the Pacific Northwest and contains nine amazing ingredients that cleanse, hydrate, and nourish skin: coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, rosemary, carrot juice, lavender, geranium, and grapefruit oil. You won’t find a single chemical or synthetic fragrance in this soap, which is perfect for sensitive skin. 22. The Mess-Free Belgian Waffle Maker For A Better Breakfast Dash Belgian Waffle Maker Amazon Waffles are absolutely the key to a better Sunday breakfast — but most waffle makers look so intimidating (and messy). This Belgian waffle maker is the no-mess option for more relaxing weekend. It has a non-stick surface and pocket sides that catch any batter drips: plus, it comes in red or silver and doubles as a panini and biscuit maker. 23. An Air Purifier With Three Speed Settings That’s As Quiet As A Mouse Levoit Air Purifier AmazonSet this personal air purifier to run at any time, and in any room — including at night in the bedroom — and it will clean and purify the air without making a ton of noise. This quiet option features three speed settings and a HEPA filter that locks in dust and dirt, making it the perfect compact purifier for anyone with allergies. 24. The French Press Coffee Maker With A Built-In Thermometer For The Perfect Brew 25. This Miniature Storage Organizer That Attaches To A Car Vent 26. A Cooling Rose Water Facial Toner That Calms Red Skin 27. An Oil That Nourishes Cuticles And Is Infused With FlowersBlossom Scented Cuticle Oil Amazon Not only is this oil absolutely beautiful, it’s really nourishing as well. This cuticle oil is infused with real flowers and essential oils and will soften skin, prevent hangnails, and makes hands look and feel smooth and healthy. It comes in 12 scents, including Apple Blossom and Cherry. 28. The Multi-Purpose Drying Rack That Rolls Out Over The Sink To Save Space Not only does this genius roll-up drying rack fit perfectly over most sinks, freeing up major counter space, but it’s much more than just a one-trick pony. The stainless steel rack to dry dishes, of course, but it also functions as a colander for washing produce — and a helpful defrosting rack that keeps meat off of the counter. 29. This Hot Pink Mermaid Tea That’s Fun AF To Drink Par Avion Tea Pink Mermaid Amazon This unique tea takes the beverage to a whole new level — because it steeps to an outrageously fun hot pink color. The tea is made with berries and hibiscus and comes in a variety of other fun shades and flavors like Twilight Blend, which has edible silver metallic flakes. 30. A Miniature Fireplace For Toasty Toes Anywhere 31. An Adjustable Foot Hammock That Takes Pain And Pressure Off Of Feet BSEEN Foot Hammock Amazon Make any work environment as comfortable as possible with the help of this adjustable foot hammock, which is designed from tough cotton canvas and can hold up to 110 pounds of pressure (which makes it perfect for resting your legs, just don’t stand on it). The hammock is lightweight, portable, and simple to install (buckle it to two ends of your table or desk). 32. These Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With A No-Slip Neck RestPicun Bluetooth Headphones AmazonThese comfortable wireless Bluetooth headphones have a neck rest that prevent them from slipping off, even when running and working out. With a waterproof design and amazing battery that provides 10 hours of continuous play, these are the affordable headphones you need in your busy, active life. They come in rose gold or black. 33. This Pocket Printer That Turns Photos Into Stickers Prynt Pocket Printer Amazon Print photos from your phone in less than 30 seconds with this pocket printer, which prints onto a special ink-less type of paper called Sticker Paper. Not only is there the instant gratification from seeing photos come alive, but you can even peel off the adhesive film and turn a picture into a sticker. 34. A Soft Fleece Neck Pillow That Offers Major Support This ultra-soft neck pillow is really comfortable — and it also provides major support and will even keep the neck from experiencing that dreaded droop when you fall asleep, making it perfect for that dreaded middle seat. Attach the pillow to luggage or a backpack and wear it like a scarf: it will support the head in any position. It comes in grey, black, red, and coral. 35. A Retinol Night Cream That’s Gentle Enough For Sensitive SkinTree to Tub Ginseng Green Tea Retinol Repair Night CreamAmazon Retinol creams are effective at improving the texture and health of skin, but they can also be harsh and drying. This night cream offers something truly different — a gentle retinol formula infused with nourishing green tea, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid that’s ideal for sensitive skin and will hydrate and repair the complexion without causing it to peel. 36. The Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush That Removes Makeup And Dirt Fast Foreo Luna Play Plus: Portable Facial Cleansing BrushAmazon Give pores the royal cleansing treatment without scrubbing skin so hard that you actually irritate it. This portable cleansing brush runs on battery and delivers an effective sonic cleansing treatment using gentle silicone bristles. The waterproof brush comes in seven shades, turns off after one minute, and is completely rechargeable. 37. A Thoughtful Salt Gift Box With Extreme FlavorsThere’s so much more to salt then just — well, salt. As this salt gift box proves, extreme flavors like Arctic Thyme and Lava Salt can turn food prep into a science experiment. The box comes with four sustainable sea salts that are infused with Icelandic herbs. It’s great as a finishing salt and for cocktails, too. 38. The Ultimate Mortar Set For Homemade Guac And More umien Granite Mortar and Pestle Set Amazon Whip up a fresh batch of guacamole or salsa in minutes with this natural mortar and pestle set, made from long-lasting granite. Use the set to mash and grind your own spices and delicious foods — and it even comes with a bonus avocado slicer to make the whole process go way faster. 39. An Infusion Water Bottle That Adds A Fruity Kick To Water Savvy Infusion Water Bottles Amazon Give plain water a fruity or minty kick by simply adding things like citrus, mint, cucumber, or berries to this infusion water bottle and letting the bottle do all the work. This bottle comes in two sizes — 24 or 32 ounces — as well as seven colors. Made from shatterproof Tritan glass with a leak-proof lid, it’s perfect for hikes and runs. 40. A Bluetooth Shower Speaker With A Built-In Microphone Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Amazon Turn a shower or pool into your own personal DJ booth with this waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. It even has a built-in microphone for taking and making phone calls and an impressive battery that provides 12 to 14 hours of continuous music and play. One reviewer writes: “This speaker has gorgeous sound, with fairly sharp highs and deep, clear lows (for a single all-in-one speaker). Even better, the separate volume and track control buttons (which I couldn’t find on ANY other shower speaker) work as they’re supposed to.”41. These Red Wine Peeling Pads For A Brighter Complexion Neogen Dermalogy Gauze Peeling Wine Pads Amazon Red wine can do wonders for your skin — and these exfoliating peeling pads are proof of it. The Korean beauty pads that are infused with wine remove dead skin cells, soften skin, and improve the texture of your complexion. And the fact that they smell like a grape dream doesn’t hurt one bit. 42. A Battery-Operated Salt And Pepper Grinder Set With Different Coarseness Settings 43. An Exfoliating Scalp Treatment That Strengthens Hair The first step toward achieving healthier hair is to address the scalp — something this exfoliating scalp treatment does with natural ingredients like Dead Sea salt and lavender. This vegan hair mask is free of silicone, parabens, and mineral oil and one reviewer swears it “Cleans the scalp thoroughly and makes it feel fresh.”44. These Stink-Free Silicone Sponges That Have A No-Slip Hand StrapSilicone Scrubber Cleaning Sponge Amazon Ordinary sponges become smelly and disposable pretty fast — but these antibacterial silicone sponges are resistant to mold and mildew — and can even be tossed in your dishwasher for a quick cleaning. The sponges (which come in a pack of two) have gentle but effective scrubbing bristles that are safe on counters, floors, walls, and cookware: and they feature a hand strap that prevents them from slipping off while you’re cleaning. 45. An Affordable Boar Bristle Paddle Brush For Detangling And Adding Major Shine Chosin Boar Bristle Hair Brush Amazon Talk about getting a quality hair brush at an affordable price — this boar bristle paddle brush has soft nylon pins that detangle and add shine and smoothness to all hair types. The wooden brush is extremely soothing on your scalp, promotes better circulation, and comes with its own carrying case for travel. 46. The Smart Plug That Lets You Control Electronics From Your Phone It no longer matters if you forget to turn off the lamp before leaving your home — as long as appliances and lights are operating via this smart plug, you can control them via an app on your smartphone. The miniature outlet, which comes in a four pack, also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.47. A Natural Melatonin Sleep Aid That You Apply As A Cream Vita Sciences Melatonin Cream Amazon Instead of popping a melatonin tablet, this natural melatonin cream can be applied to your wrists to help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Each pump provides 3 milligrams of melatonin and one reviewer writes: “This cream does what it says it will. I put a small amount on the inside of my wrist just before bedtime. I go to sleep within 30 minutes. I stay asleep and wake up not being groggy.”48. This Daily Planner And Gratitude Journal To Keep On Top Of Goals Stay on top of your daily, weekly, and monthly duties and goals — without losing sight of the bigger picture — with the help of this super popular Panda Planner. The quarter-year planner provides plenty of space to jot down your priorities, short and long-term goals, and even the things that bring gratitude. 49. A Five-Piece Body Brush Set For Healthier, Smoother Skin Glow Utopia Dry Brushing Body Brush Set Amazon Find out why so many beauty and wellness enthusiasts are in love with dry brushing — an exfoliating treatment that helps detox the body and boost blood circulation for healthier-looking skin. This five-piece set includes a boar bristle facial brush, a body brush with a detachable long bamboo handle, and two interchangeable heads for exfoliation and detox purposes. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle’s editorial and sales departments.
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