The best travel shirts all share qualities that make them ideal for travel. They must wick away sweat, fight odors, resist wrinkles, and of course—look stylish. Here are my top picks for the best travel shirts for men and women.

Alternative Apparel Everyday V-Neck


Alternative Apparel’s Everyday V-Neck is not only soft, it’s also eco-friendly. The trademarked Lenzing fabric used to make this travel shirt is a sustainable cellulose fiber that comes from beechwood pulp—resulting in a material that’s twice as soft as regular cotton.

Orvis Men’s Shirt EZ Cool Poplin Check

Long sleeves might be the last thing you want to wear if you’re going somewhere hot, but some of the best travel shirts with long sleeves can actually keep you cooler than short sleeves—plus prevent sunburned forearms. Orvis’ EZ-Cool Poplin Mini-Check Long-Sleeved Shirt has a patented EZ-cool treated fabric that wicks away moisture and helps you regulate your temperature. The fabric is also wrinkle-free, so you can pack this without worrying about ironing.

Nautica Double Layer Tank

Nautica’s Double Layer Tank is sleeveless to help keep you cool, and stands out as one of the best travel shirts. Made from a very packable and lightweight nylon and polyester blend, this shirt adds a touch of fun and pop of color to your travel wardrobe, thanks to its cool double-layer design.

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