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It’s May, and that Justin Timberlake meme may be played out, so I definitely may not use that in this description. Host Kristian Harloff, Roxy Striar, Mark Reilly, Cody Hall, and Alex Marzoña are here to talk about the latest and greatest in life and movie news, like Tarantino’s Star Trek may still be happening. It’s a smaller show, so we may be taking your calls and questions on this fine first May day.

00:00Kristian tells some experiences working at a theater, and his sneaky friend “Frankie”, Kristian and Fred Savage, working at various dumps (and non-dumps), WWE (24:27), CPK time, losing a friend in 9/11

1:03:07will Tarantino’s#StarTrekmovie still happen?
1:11:11how Kristian got into the YouTubes
1:15:10our MCU movie rankings!
1:33:51Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is not focused on the Manson family
1:36:42phone calls and questions – what directors do you want to see take on an MCU movie?; future of the MCU?; Back to the Future’s time travel rules; input of other producers on Endgame; is cracking knuckles bad for you?; do we really like Captain America: The First Avenger?

#ColliderLive: You have no idea what might happen in this off the wall show that is a mix of the old Schmoes Know show with a dash of Collider, mixed with nonsense, shaken with comedy and served every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday live from Collider Studios. Make sure you like and share the show so we can build it TOGETHER. Make sure you give it a like as well and subscribe to the Collider Podcast feed!

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