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Nintendo Switch My Way Commercial

Remember therumourlast month about the stage builder and home run mode being added toSuper Smash Bros. Ultimatein a future update? Well, it looks like at least one of these modes has now been confirmed.

After dataminers found files within the ‘How To Play’ section of Ultimate making reference to the two modes, a new commercial for Smash Bros. Ultimate has seemingly teased the return of stage builder. At the beginning of the video, there’s a glimpse of the mode in the right-hand corner of the game’s menu.

This clip now has us wondering when exactly the stage builder will be added to the game and if this means the home run contest is also on the way. If the existing rumour is anything to go by, the stage builder is likely to show up alongside Joker in the next major update (version 3.0.0).

Are you excited the stage builder mode is returning to Smash Bros. Ultimate? Tell us down in the comments.


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