Michel de Notre Dame, better known as Nostradamus, was an astrologer, physician, and alchemist, but he became known to the whole world, thanks to his prophecies.

Nostradamus wrote prophecies in metaphors, but they say that the propagation of destiny around the circle also came to him, although written or oral evidence does not exist.

However, this method is simple and surprisingly accurate!

See the answers below the picture:

1. Yes. You belong to those people who do not lose their ease and presence of the spirit, even in the most difficult situations. So do not lift your hand from solving your problems, because in stock you have endurance and patience. Success is waiting for you. Have confidence in yourself and others.

2. Yes. But not today and not tomorrow. Somebody stands in your way and tries to confuse you. Do not understand him too seriously. But do not underestimate this resistance. Avoid conflict. Try to find a positive solution to your problem.

3. Yes. Events will exceed your expectations in the coming days. If you start to use your energy reserve wisely and do not waste it on irrelevant things, the advantage will be on your side. In any case, have patience and endurance, both in relation to yourself and others.

4. Yes. At this moment, it seems, you smile in luck. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the positive outcome. Luck will follow you for a long time. Enjoy these happy weeks.

5. Exactly. At this point, you are paying too much attention to the opinions of others and therefore you miss a pleasant situation a little. Do not wait too long, let others know that they have to respect you and your opinion. Small tactical games only lead to misconduct and are at the expense of mutual trust.

6. Everything will go a little harder than you expect. You’re starting from the wrong assumptions. Other people see this in a completely different light. It is therefore imperative that you listen to the good advice of a close person and not subject them to false hopes.

7. The issue is not solved right now. Give yourself time and do not fill your head with still unhealthy problems. Try to enjoy the moment. Later, everything will be solved. If you are very worried, contact the magic circuit for a week.

8. Carefully. Try not to believe everything they tell you. Keep a certain distance in some things. Today, everything around you looks more favorable than it really is. Be careful and be careful not to feel disappointed later.

9. No doubt. But you will need help. Talk to a good friend about the problems that are bothering you, because he is objective and watching things sober.

10. Yes. But do not let them mislead you. Show more confidence and security, and then everything will be in perfect order. At this moment, you can fully rely on your intuition. Later you will not experience even the least disappointment.

11. The issue was raised prematurely. Leave him so far aside, he’s not yet matured. Be indulgent. He will appreciate you for this.

12. It’s very possible. Everything progresses much faster and positively than you imagined. It’s important that you do not try to get the impression of an unspecified person. Pay attention: someone is sincerely trying to become your friend.

13. Everything will happen, but not as planned. You are acting indecisive. This leads to the misconception of some of your friends. They regard you as an unpredictable personality, which does not benefit you. Destroy this picture. They love you more than you think.

14. Everything will be fine. But only if you show the activity yourself. Everything is permitted, but not delay. Download the initiative into your own hands and surprise with all your effectiveness and richness of ideas.

15. Yes, you can rely on your happiness. Expected a good craft of destiny. Now you do not have to invent anything, just to wait. Ischinous effects will take you in the wrong direction and can harm you.

16. All hopes will be fulfilled. But, absolutely different than you imagined. So be prepared for any changes and do not concentrate on the sole set goal. Show flexibility and do not reject any argument.

17. The issue is still open. You need to carefully consider your desires, because your feelings have not yet matured. So, you expect too much from the other side. In the coming days, everything remains unchanged. However, a happy circumstance can bring clarity to your problem. Listen carefully to your inner voice.

18. Difficulties may arise in you. In the beginning you will even be disappointed, but that does not mean that your chances are equal to zero. On the contrary, disappointment will give a boost to positive development. Your circle of friends is growing, getting better and more stable.

19. Mistrust and anger are still far from you. But if you do not get rid of your own suspicion soon, you will ruin a lot. If happiness goes beyond you, the culprit may be your overly modesty and insecurity. Put them aside! Be open and sociable with other people.

20. Yes. At this moment, happiness is on your side. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the favorable outcome. You will enjoy a happy time for a long time.

21. Yes. In order to finally achieve the goal, there is little effort left. Be bold, risk and you will succeed. Be careful about everything that is happening around you and keep in mind – there are no coincidences. In this world, nothing is accidental.