libra postcardWith Mars in Libra, I’m always trying to get along. To a fault, perhaps.  But I’m also socially (Libra) abrasive (Mars).  This is one of the reasons, Mars is in detriment in Libra.

In whatever case, with Saturn transiting my Mars, there are a number of people I have attempted to interact with.  I’ve gotten scorn in return.  This has not been universal, but it’s happened enough times, recently, I’ve stopped to think about it.

I think Saturn transits help a person sort things. You’re in, or you’re out. The door is open or it’s closed.  If you have a lot of faith, and I do, then when you find a door closed, you look for the one that is open or will open, if you’ll just be on your way.

In this way, the person who rejects you, does you a favor.  You know not to waste your time.  This is especially true if they’re harsh.  It may hurt but it’s also definitive.

Yesterday, someone told me, I might be surprised who shows up to help or support me. I know this is true. It’s the balance (Libra) to makes up for the (surprise) rejection or shunning.

This would be a lot harder to deal with if I were younger. I’d be turning it over and over. I’d suffer.  But today, I can readily see the silver lining.  No one want to go somewhere where they’re not wanted.  Maybe as well post it on the door!

This transit has allowed me to stop trying to get along with people who don’t want to get along with me.  This allows me more time to get along with people who do love and support me.

I hate the practicality of this. I have Venus specifying Neptune. I can transcend all kinds of shit and offense. But this transit is forcing my hand.

When I type, “hand”, I think of playing cards. Sometimes you’ve got to fold ’em and walk away…

Is Saturn in Capricorn transiting your natal Mars? How’s it going?

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