I’ve got a super special recipe for you today, and it involves essential oils. I am a big fan, but I’ll get into that in a moment. Did you know that utilizing essential oils goes above and beyond diffusing them or rubbing them on your temples? Yup, you can totally cook with them too. Uh, BONUS! On the menu today? Raspberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes utilizing lemon essential oil. Can I get a yum?

First things first, don’t let the word “ricotta” scare you away. Ricotta is a great creamy element to add to any pancake or waffle recipe. I often either use Greek yogurt or ricotta in my pancakes, and either one can be substituted for the other. You don’t necessarily get an insane ricotta-like taste. It really just adds the perfect texture. There is nothing I hate more than a stiff pancake.

Raspberry and lemon make up the core components in these pancakes when it comes to flavor and I love combining the two in breakfasts and desserts. Raspberries are one of those berries I always have in my fridge, and when I don’t have fresh ones, I always have frozen ones as a backup.

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