Physical appearance is certainly one of the characteristics of each sign

In the moment when you see a person, in view of what you see in front of you, can you see where the zodiac sign was born?

If you can not, here are some small instructions. With the knowledge of these features, you will be able to determine which character is the word.


Members of this sign are spring symbols that stand out in the face of beautiful faces. They are characterized by high-pitched and narrow bones of the face, wide forehead, yellow cheeks, a proportional body of average or below-average weight. They usually have dark hair, pronounced eyebrows, and eyes, which can be placed close to it.


As with Aries, members of this sign have beautiful faces. Their main features are large eyes that act innocent and even children. Their lips are usually full, teeth smaller and flat, and have dense hair with a lower forehead. Their neck is quite wide, and the body is consistent with the stomach as the critical part where it is grown.

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He is known for its pleasant facial features and is recognizable by the playful and seductive smile. The average or above-average heights have a distinct chin and high-placed bristles. According to the appearance they are young, and for them are typical long fingers.

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