Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd
Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd
Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Paul Rudd, apart from clearly being one ofthe immortal onesbound to entertain us with his trickster’s games until the end times, makes for a consistently fine talk show guest. Like Will Ferrell, Rudd seems to approach every rote, studio-mandated PR couch stop as an opportunity for some conceptual sketch work and general deadpan silliness. Which serves him well these days, since his seat on theMarvel money traincomes with the sort of high-security, lawyer-vetted restrictions that make talking about, say,Avengers: Endgamemore than a little difficult.

It’s the opposite problem studios have with Rudd normally, especially since he’sfiendishly fondof plugging a rightfully obscureE.T.knockoffwith the most egregious product placement in movie history, rather than whatever indie comedy he’s in that could really use the publicity. No word yet on whether Rudd will be visiting traditional clip-victim Conan O’Brien’s revampedConanfor someEndgameanti-plugging, but, since Rudd was on Jimmy Fallon’sTonight Showon Thursday, he gamely continued his other ongoing late-night bit. Following up on Fallon and Rudd’s shot-for-shot remakes of iconic 80s videos for the likes ofStyxandGo West, the pair dolled up in full, flowing locks, rocker blouses, and the occasional eyepatch as members of Dead Or Alive.

Giving full-throated performances as Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns (Rudd), and that other member of Dead Or Alive (Fallon), the two recreated the video for “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record),” with Rudd especially committing to Burns’ stentorious posturing with customary aplomb. Admitting in their interview (in which Ruddthrew to a clipof Rudd earlier in the interview) that he’d really wanted to meet the Wu-Tang Clan when they wereon Wednesday’s show, Rudd explained that he just couldn’t bring himself to meet the hip-hop legends while kitted out for filming like 1980s pop not-legend Burns. Probably a decent coolness move, as Rudd revealed that his son assessed his video star look as one of the Real Housewives. Presumably after some horrible wine-throwing-gone-terribly-wrong eye injury.

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