In a few days, more precisely on December 22, we are expecting the last but also the strongest full moon this year, and it is also called Long Moon’s Night or Oak and Cold Month due to the Ice Day.

The belief has been established that the wish of everyone who thought about it will be realized. Otherwise, this full moon will be in Cancer, in the fourth field of home and family, which means that the emotions will be emphasized and that the emphasis will be on the relationship with people.

How the Moon will be in ascetic with Saturn, things will not go smoothly, and many people will remember the past and read different memories, both good and bad. The advice is to pay attention to behavior at various gatherings and celebrations, especially on family issues – avoid discussions and try to drive away negative thoughts.
Since Venus from Scorpio will make a good aspect with Neptune, then there may be good chances to transform your negative emotions into harmony and love.

This is actually the time when you can expect exciting meetings of personal nature and interesting events, and you will be more open than usual and ready for a change. This Full Moon brings a series of changes in your routine and it is advised to take full advantage of all the opportunities that stand in your way.

You can also expect to get the keys to solving the problems that you are dragging for a long time, and this is a good time for making acquaintances and friendships.

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