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Some weeks Netflix drives me a little nuts trying to find something worth watching, and other weeks it releases something as stunningly smart asRussian Doll. You could write essays just on the superb visuals of show, let alone the actually journey it takes you on.

It’s also one of those rare shows that allows itself to come together oh-so-perfectly. Not that everything is answered in the end — but it manages to explore theGroundhog Day-like conceit inside and out and close off key emotional arcs in eight quick episodes. Things are still messy, as they ought to be, but you’re left without the need to see a second more.

It’s something that I have to wonder if Netflix will allow for more of. It’s not that contained miniseries never existed before, but they’re less common, since networks would much rather keep people coming back. But Netflix can keep contained series alive with recommendation after recommendation, and maybe that’ll lead to more smart shows that are able to blur the line between film and TV.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Sonic the Hedgehog

You know when something really socially awkward and embarrassing is happening, and you can’t look away? That’s literally every moment in this trailer that shows Sonic. I’m just bewildered by the creative approach to this character. It is just. so. weird. (And I guess the studioonly just figured that out.) It comes out November 8th.

Veronica Mars

Hulu is bringing backVeronica Mars, and this teaser is the first to offer a real look at what the new season is all about — plus some of the guest stars it’s bringing in. The new season debuts July 26th.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu’s hit series comes back next month with Elisabeth Moss’ Offred quietly searching for allies to help her fight against the totalitarian society she’s been enslaved by. The show looks about as dark and hauntingly shot as ever. The season premieres June 5th.


What do you do when you’re already in one of the biggest movie series in the world? You go and do Shakespeare for a little while.Opheliahas Daisy Ridley starring in aHamletadaptation that’s been re-centered around one of the play’s most critically complex characters. It comes out June 28th.

Late Night

Here’s the latest trailer for Mindy Kaling’s Sundance hit, which has her playing a new hire at a talk show desperately in need of fresh voices. It looks like a very funny way to explore the challenges faced by women of color in comedy (and overwhelmingly white and male workplaces in general). It comes out June 7th.

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut

I don’t know whyApocalypse Nowneeds another cut, or honestly who could handle viewing this film multiple times or in an even longer format, but the film is now getting a 4K re-release that’s supposed to be halfway between the original cut and theReduxcut that was released in 2001, with about 30 minutes of additional footage over the original. It’ll be in theaters on August 15th.

The Righteous Gemstones

John Goodman and Danny McBride star in a new HBO comedy series about a family of wealthy and wildly inappropriate televangelists. I was really ready to hate it, but the show looks like it could be very funny. It debuts this August.


I haven’t watched any ofSuccessionyet, but severalVergestaffersfreakedwhen this trailer dropped, which seems like a good sign that I should include it here. The new season start in August.


Okay, this movie looks ridiculous in 100 different ways, but also, it’s a genius premise for a thriller.Crawlis about a woman trying to escape a home in Florida that’s rapidly flooding from a hurricane but can’t leave until she frees her father who’s become trapped. Also, there are super evil alligators. It comes out July 12th.

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