RIP zombie mom.
RIP zombie mom.


ByRaymond Wong

Netflix’sSanta Clarita Dietis dead.

After three seasons, Netflix canceled the series on Friday. Starring Drew Barrymore as a zombie mom and Timothy Olyphant as her husband trying to cover her flesh-eating behavior from friends and family,Santa Clarita Dietmixed just enough weird and comedy to build a cult following.

So naturally, as soon as word got out Netflix killed the show, fans broke out their pitchforks and took to Twitter to vent.

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WithAvengersthe talk of Hollywood, one Twitter user hilariously joked how the person who canceled the show should get “Thanos snapped.” LOL.

Another fan was pissed Netflix kept skating to the same ol’ actor for quick cash grabs:

Others wondered why Netflix kept paying to keepFriendson the service at the expense of newer shows likeSanta Clarita Diet:

All jokes aside, one person provided a solid list of reasons why theSanta Clarita Dietdidn’t deserve to have its life cut short:

It’s not likeSanta Clarita Dietdidn’t get good reviews and ratings, either:

Mostly, fans were just upset the show ended with a cliffhanger:

Santa Clarita Diet‘s probably never returning. Maybe the only thing left to do is for…

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