The Sagittarius vibe and Mars in Pisces are the major players in this week’s forecast. On the one hand, when it comes to taking bold action, or doing something with your sex drive, that’s great news. On the other hand, given that the Sun and Jupiter are together in the early degrees of Sagittarius, and that Mercury retrograde is also there (and Sagittarius is a tough neighborhood for Mercury to start with), there’s a chance you may take all that action and sex and be reckless with it. Use a little discernment to avoid any potential disasters this week. Remember that Sagittarius is the sign most likely to have “But I was feeling lucky!” carved on its tombstone. Sagittarius hates to be told to “ease up there, buddy”… but sometimes that’s exactly what Sagittarius needs to hear.

The week begins with Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. All else being equal, the early part of the week should have a pleasant bounce to it. However, that’s also the same day that Mercury square Mars in Pisces is exact. Be particularly cautious with your communications, short trips, and agreements this week. This aspect is a recipe for impulsive mix-ups.

Further complicating your ability to think things through in a reasonable and sensible manner is Mercury conjunct Jupiter, which is exact on Tuesday, which influences the entire week. We’ve already established that Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius isn’t the most clear-minded placement there is, but when you add on the potential excess of a conjunction with Jupiter? Wherever your ideas take you this week, make sure you’re wearing a helmet and a seat belt.

That advice applies particularly to who, when, and how you give your heart away. After all: all this muddled thinking and ignoring red flags sounds a bit like being in love, doesn’t it? Venus opposite Uranus is exact on Friday, but makes the entire week potentially loaded with strange new attractions. Strange new attractions can be a lot of fun of course, but just make sure the overall mood of impulsiveness doesn’t lead you astray this week.

If nothing else, there is an opportunity to do some really constructive work on yourself or your life this week. Mars sextile Saturn combines the drive to get things done with the stability required for lasting results. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race… and yes, I know how unpopular a sentiment that can be during Sagittarius season.

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