It’s time to get down to business with your love life!

One of the big indicators at any given time as to how love and romance will turn out is the sign placement of Venus. At the beginning of the week, Venus moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn, and that’s pretty much astrological shorthand for “but seriously…” when it comes to your relationships. I’m normally a big fan of the sincerity and depth of Venus in Capricorn, but this month she’s going to have a bit of a rough ride there. If your love life runs smoothly this week, enjoy it while it lasts. The upcoming conjunctions of Venus to first Saturn and then Pluto are bound to make things rockier for you.

If you find yourself in a situation in your personal life that you either need to talk yourself out of or would like to talk yourself into, help is on the way. Mercury sextile Jupiter is excellent for creative self-expression. By the time that influence fades on Saturday, Mercury sextile Uranus will kick in. If that love letter of yours didn’t quite hit the mark, perhaps the added zing of an aspect to Uranus will give you the selling power you need.

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