This week, Venus takes center stage. Coming off of recent conjunctions to Saturn and Pluto, Venus in Capricorn kicks up her heels one last time in that sign before moving on. Pay close attention to anything that happened in your love life this most recent weekend. The conjunction to Pluto happened at 22 degrees Capricorn — and that point in your birth chart is going to become more and more important as the year goes on, as that’s where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction happens in early 2020. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction isn’t exact until then, but it’s going to be more of an influence as the year goes on.

The week begins with Sun sextile Mars. Not only does that aspect mark this as a time when you will have a lot of useful energy to draw upon, there’s also a reasonable likelihood that your sex drive or that of someone you’re interested in will be amplified. If that’s less of a priority for you, it can also be a good time to tackle that backlog of work at the office, or to finally clean up your bedroom.

The big influence on romance this week is exact on Friday but affects the entire week. Venus square Uranus can be a powerful influence if your love life is in a rut. Try going for a date somewhere new and exciting, or attempt something new in the bedroom. The square aspect isn’t very stable though, so try not to get too carried away. That doesn’t just apply to romantic activities, but to your budget and your diet as well.

If what you really need is a complete new change of pace in your love life, this weekend provides that opportunity, as Venus enters Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius doesn’t normally have the reputation for being the most romantic or sentimental of placements. It’s a little better at loving humanity in general rather than its individual members. But if what you need is a different approach to your love life, some new perspective, or simply a change of pace, this could be an excellent time. Try a more playful approach to your loved one.

If nothing else, make an effort this week to get caught up on all your vital communications and business agreements and such, because next week Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. There’s a case to be made for Mercury retrograde in Pisces being even more confused than a regular retrograde Mercury, so you should probably get things sorted out now. Good luck!

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