Are you really paying attention to the state of your love life and your personal relationships? More importantly, are you willing to do some work to change things for the better? If so, this could be a pivotal week for you.

The week begins with Venus conjunct Saturn still in effect. On the one hand, this can have a definite cooling effect on your affections. On the other hand though, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, that work will be rewarded. And yes, I know — there’s often a part of us unwilling to admit that love and relationships actually require work… but it’s absolutely true. This aspect will still be in effect by the weekend, and that’s when Venus conjunct Pluto is exact… and that could be the game-changer you need.

Venus conjunct Pluto can be emotionally demanding but ultimately rewarding. If you think of Venus as a nice, soft, fluffy puppy, then Venus conjunct Pluto can be a time when that puppy has to learn to fight for its life to survive. For many of you, this will be a week when your relationships are pushed to the breaking point. Fortunately, for many of you, it will also be a week when your connections to others are tested and the worthy ones survive and come out stronger than before.

The punchline to all this, though? You don’t have to be passive about it. You have a unique opportunity to take control of this situation, and that unique opportunity happens on Tuesday. I often tell people that a Full Moon is a terrific opportunity to see where the plot complications in your life will be in the next month, and to make things start to go your way. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Virgo is as emotionally charged as you would expect any Full Moon to be. What makes this Full Moon particularly significant is that not only is Venus both conjunct Saturn and Pluto, but in fact Venus is on the midpoint between those two planets. Think of it as a double-strength conjunction.

So, to summarize: you can let your love life and your finances and your diet and anything else Venus-related surf that same Pluto wave that it has been for the last two years… or you can take charge. You can sit down and figure out what real and practical changes you want in those departments and make it happen in the next month. The choice is entirely yours.

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