I’ll be honest with you. Personally, I am a huge fan of love and romance… but, Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is like one of those god-awful corporate “team builder” things — you know, the kind of thing where you’re forced to hang out and pretend you’re having fun with your coworkers because that will somehow help the company sell more widgets or whatever… and that’s if you’re in a relationship. If you aren’t in a relationship, the day might as well be called “Look At Who’s Alone Day.”

This year though? I find I’m strangely optimistic about things.

This week’s biggest influence is Mars conjunct Uranus, which is exact on Wednesday but can be felt throughout the week. If you are in a long-term relationship and need to turn the volume up on your sex life, this is a good time to try something new or different. If you are single and looking to change that, this aspect may be enough to get you or a potential partner off the fence and ready to get involved.

On Valentine’s Day, Mars enters Taurus. This placement doesn’t have the same zip and enthusiasm that Mars in Aries did, but Mars in Taurus has a distinct reputation for enjoying sensual delights. The big downside to this placement is that it has a tendency to not know where or when to focus its anger. For many, the attention they get on Valentine’s Day is a disappointment, so if your gift to a loved one is your usual last-minute box of candy from the drugstore and that last wilted bouquet from the florist, don’t be too surprised if your romantic partner rips you a new one. Again though, I’m optimistic, because the other big influence this week is Venus sextile Neptune. That aspect isn’t exact time until Sunday, but it will still do you some good on Valentine’s Day itself. Venus sextile Neptune is filled with sweetness and light, and it’s frankly a lot more romantic than most Mandatory Romance Days.

So, you see? There’s plenty of reason to be optimistic that this Valentine’s Day will turn out all right for you one way or another. But just to be safe, you better go and pick that present out now. Who knows how long that last box of candy has really been on the shelf? And whatever you do, don’t go cheap with it. Jupiter (natural ruler of committed relationships) is still in Sagittarius, and that placement responds well to generosity. Venus is still in Capricorn, and Venus in Capricorn hates “cheap.”

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