The new year knocks on the door, everywhere holds a festive atmosphere, Christmas trees and ornaments shine in the homes and everyone eagerly awaits the wretched night.

Surely you all love to decorate a Christmas tree. But, do you know that every zodiac sign has its own way of decorating a Christmas tree.


Aries is a fan of modern and simple decoration that he likes even before time to shine the tree and home. Bright red classic figurines or red lights on a green fir are full of hits.


Taurus is a landmark that loves praise, so it will choose the tallest fir in order to stand out. A tall and natural tree with many handmade decorations will delight every Bull.


They do not like monotony and boredom. For traditional Gemini, the ideal Christmas tree is a colorful and rich fir tree, while those a little more free and creative spirit can be devoted to a unique pine this year.

Colorful Christmas boxes arranged in the shape of a tree or drawn pine on the wall are innovative ideas for creative Gemini who love all colors. Wooden ornaments with various inscriptions are also inevitable.


Cancers love holidays because it’s the time he or she can spend in the family circle. Their ideal choice is the classic pine decorated with glass decoration. Their blue color is their favorite watermark.

It is inevitable and green, therefore Christmas decorations will surely be decorated in these colors. They neglect the old, “forgotten” tradition and prefer the tree decorated with objects made of dough, clay or even paper.


As a true firework character, Leo is a lover of scented candles with whom he or she can make a festive atmosphere. Their favorite golden color will dominate the Christmas tree.

A golden angel or star will adorn the top of a fir tree, and since the Lions are the real gourmets, decorations will be decorated in a shape that resembles food. The larger the tree, the better, because it also means more places for stony ornaments.


The pedantic Virgo devotes a lot of attention to detail. His fir will lead to absolute perfection, where no one will remain indifferent.

The tree must be high and elegant surrounded by traditional glass glittering balls. Red, green and gold are their favorite colors, as well as decorating with white as it relates to purity and intactness.


The villas, animals and mythical figures are a favorite add on the pine, while some will prefer Japanese decorations, such as ornaments decorations that are an interesting idea of decorating.


Scorpions will choose a high tree decorated with only a few colors. Dark red, black and dark blue decoration, just like adornment with an angel theme, is the first choice when decoration. Antique decorations are close and dear to their heart.


This funny sign will decorate its fir in the form of animals, but also with spiritual and religious symbols. Ornaments in the style of a unicorn but also traditional glass decorative balls will satisfy all their wishes.


Capricorn is an animal lover, and this can also be reflected in the decoration that he chose for a fir tree.

Dog, cat, bear and other characters from myths will look great on their fir tree. Capricorns are also very family-oriented so decorating with edible queen or hanging candy unusual colors will be the perfect choice for this sign.


They will be treated by a fancy fir tree that will shine harder than the disco ball. The brave ones will experiment with less traditional colors. A bit eclectic pine is full of hits for this zodiac sign.


Christmas Tree for creative Pisces will be in the form of paper decorate. An avant-garde, but also an ecological style is an option. Because they prefer the sea and the beasts from the sea, this IM can serve as an inspiration for Christmas decoration that you can fill up with turquoise or purple.