Howard Stern says he could be ‘a Supreme Court justice by now’ if he’d kept friendship with Trump – Washington Examiner

Radio shock jock Howard Stern said he would have been a Supreme Court justice if he had stayed friends with President Trump.

Sterndiscussed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporterhis frequent encounters with Trump before the 2016 presidential election, but said he has not talked to him since Election Day besides a brief phone call congratulating him on his victory.

“It was a difficult thing because there’s a part of me that really likes Donald, but I just don’t agree politically,” Stern said. “A more self-serving person would have gone all in on Donald because I’d probably be the FCC commissioner or a Supreme Court justice by now.”

Stern, 65, who helped had Trump on his show during the campaign, said he attempted to get Trump to drop out of the race. Once Stern declined Trump’s invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention, their relationship ended.

In an interview last year, Stern said Trump should “get the f— out” of office and hand over to Vice President Mike Pence.

Trumpinterviews with Stern, in which he expressed support for the Iraq War, made crude sexual comments about his daughter Ivanka, and mused about whether he could have bedded Princess Diana were a constant headache for his campaign in 2016.

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