TripleCappy writes regarding an astrological formula for finding love:

“I just think it’s interesting that if you’ve ever seen Indian marriage ads for arranging marriages (don’t ask me why I have!?!) . . . up there with caste and income/job is the astrology. It’s *highly* important.”

TripleCappy – You’ll definitely do better matching people using astrology then you will without it. But we’re talking about finding the one (I think). One quirk throws the whole thing off.

For example, say there’s a pair astro-twins with whom I am highly compatible. They are exactly the same except for one has dark hair the other, a blonde.

Guess what? You better give me the dark haired one or I am going to pine into eternity. Astrology only goes so far. There is also free will to consider.

A chart is a map of energy. It gives no clue as to how the owner of the energy is going to use it. One person has a brain and they use it. Another person has the same brain and they let it go to waste. Physical body, same thing. One person cares for their body, another does not. These things affect attractiveness.

We also talk about projection a lot, around here. Say you have astro-twins who share a chart with a lot of oppositions. One of them gets on top their tendency to project the other does not. Consequently one of them is fit for relationship and the other one, not so much.

Based on stuff like this, while I would agree, the Indians are on the right track using astrology to judge compatibility. But I don’t think it is nearly enough. And there is another problem that should not be overlooked…

The skill of “astrologers” varies and it varies widely. Who is this astrologer-person evaluating your love?

As far as I am concerned, nothing trumps what your own heart feels. I stand by my claim – atrology is most useful after the lock has found the key and vice versa.

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