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Anyone who remembers whatPrince Harrywas like when he was younger will understand that he gave his family a lot of worries and headaches. The prince was constantly in the news for his crazy antics and being the total opposite of his more maturebrother, Prince William.

However, Harry made a marvelous 180 in the past few years. As he is preparing to bring into the worldhis first child, we think it’s a good time to look back on Harry’s life in his youth to see just how longQueen Elizabethhas been waiting for her grandson to settle down.

Prince Harry was known as a wild child when he was young

Prince Harry
Prince Harry and his brother | PA Images via Getty Images)

During his teenage years, news of Harrygetting into troublestarted surfacing. As a student, he was caughttaking drugsand accused of enlisting a teacher’s help to cheat.

A few years later, his character came into question when he was photographed in aNazi costume. As if that wasn’t enough, when Harry was in the military, he was also caught on tape calling his fellow soldiers “Paki” and “raghead.” Although he apologized for both incidents, they no doubt left a stain on his image.

At the turn of the decade, while William was settling down withhis long-time girlfriend, Harry made headlines for his partying ways. Notably, in 2012,naked picturesof his wild night in Las Vegas surfaced in tabloid magazines around the world, causing the royal family lots of shame and embarrassment.

Prince Harry dated a party girl before meeting Meghan Markle

For much of his youth, Harry was known for being in a relationship with Chelsy Davy, the daughter of a Zimbabwean billionaire. While Davy studied law in London and had a stint at a prestigious firm, she was mostly known for having a party girl image in the media — not much different than Harry’s reputation.

The couple dated for several years before ultimatelybreaking up. Reportedly, it was because Davy did not want to bear the burdens of marrying into the royal family.

Prince Harry has turned into a serious family man with Meghan Markle

After many years of making negative headlines, though, Harry managed to turn his life around. In the past few years, he startedtaking on more workto represent the queen and support meaningful causes.

More importantly, Harry also fulfilled his dream of starting a family when he married American actress Meghan Markle. She, herself, has thesame goalas well as a history of doing humanitarian work, which allows Harry to have some good influence around him.

Far from his days of putting on offensive acts, Harry is known today for promoting equality and human rights alongside his wife. He’s a feminist and Meghan, too, has expressed that shewants her child to be a feministregardless of gender.

The couple is expectingtheir first child, which could be due any time soon, and Harry has beenhelping his wifea lot during her pregnancy. From setting up their new home to decreasing his workload to be there for her, Harry has been an exemplary model of a great husband and father.

Queen Elizabeth seems to really like Meghan Markle

It’s a given that, compared to before, these days Queen Elizabeth no longer has no worry about Harry — he has matured into a great man and is living a more meaningful life. The queen seems to also quitelike having Meghan around. The former actress is a great companion to Harry and is taking her role in the royal family very seriously. No doubt Queen Elizabeth is proud of her grandson for how far he has come.

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