Everyone has unique lines and signs on their palms. That’s why the chromaticity makes sense. Good hand readers can discover things about a person.

This tradition is very old, and it is maintained, among other things, because every person has specific lines and signs on his hand, just as everyone has a unique fingerprint. Probably that is why we can take the palm as a faithful means of “identifying” the life path, as well as the natal chart. Let’s get to know the basic lines and signs on the palms.

The first question is which palm should look – left or right?

The tradition of looking at the palm says that the left palm indicates what we received by birth, genetic heritage, our potentials, or what we could do.

The right palm shows what we did from all of this, or what we will do with ourselves and our lives, signifies the concrete events, and what we have from our own possibilities (given by our left hand) by their own will, whether we are upgraded, developed or neglected.

In this sense, many advocate viewing in the right palm, but always need to look at the left and see how the person goes, what he could develop, whether he overcame the weaknesses or left them, whether he took advantage of the opportunities and whether he still has certain opportunities that he could use.
A good hand reader can perfectly connect the left and right palms and give a clear interpretation of the human possibilities and achievements, as well as the relationships between them.

The palm is dominated by the basic lines that have almost all people, there are also bridges connected to certain planets, and many special characters, as well as additional lines.
By reading this text, look at the whole PICTURE so that you can locate exactly what we are talking about. Of course, you can immediately start studying your palm.

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