Woman: Passionate, enjoys the hot hugs and leaves it without prejudice. She likes to dominate and lead an erotic game. She expects men to be durable and follow her pace. In the enthusiasm of scratches and bites. If a man is not ready for hot sex, he will quickly lose interest. In her youth, she is not only attached to one partner, but she is also looking for challenges. When finding the right, as well as in maturity, I know it over and over again and takes on the erotic attention of the partner.

Man: Energetic and tireless in bed. There is no time for long foreplay. Attracts him everything that is shocking and forbidden. If you want to conquer it, get rid of prejudice and do not promise what you are ashamed of. You will hold it if you always show new skills in sex.
Erogenous zones: Bring them your fingers through your hair and curly ear, they will be raised by cute anger.

Ideal partner: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

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