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First things first:the Warriors closed out a dramatic win over the Rockets on Thursday, going up 3-2 in the series. That means Golden State has two cracks at eliminating Houston and moving on to the Western Conference finals. It also means there will definitely be at least one more game at Oracle Arena.

Now the important news:Kevin Durant suffered what appeared to be non-contact lower leg injurythe Warriors are calling a calf strain with an MRI to come Thursday. Based on Durant’s reaction — he looked as though he thought someone kicked him — some fear it’s an Achilles tear. But there are indications the injury is more minor. Everyone should hope so. Durant is an absolute joy to watch and one of the most important players in the league.

We have been thankfully free of many injuries in these playoffs, excluding Joel Embiid’s poor fortune and the sad DeMarcus Cousins exit. Let’s not change that now.


Celtics 91,Bucks116
Milwaukee wins series 4-1

Rockets 99,Warriors 104
Golden State leads series 3-2


Raptors at Sixers, 8 ET, ESPN
Toronto leads series 3-2

Nuggets at Blazers, 10:30 ET, ESPN
Denver leads series 3-2


Would the Celtics fight back down 3-1 to the Bucks on the road? Or would they roll over?Well … they lost by 25. You just hate to C it. Boston played desperate at times, but only Jaylen Brownreallystood out at someone playing for his team’s fate. Kyrie Irving was noncommittal in the postgame interview. His Celtics legacywill be written this summer or a few years on. Brad Stevenswas pretty hard on himself.

The Bucks are incredible.

I wrote abouthow every young team needs a Paul Millsap.

Fantastic.Ty Lue will not be the next head coach of the Lakers. Apparently the Lakers only wanted to give him a three-year deal, so the end of it matches up with the end of LeBron James’ contract. Lue, one of the six active coaches who has won an NBA championship, wanted five years. So Lue balked, and nowthe Lakers are back to the old drawing board. (The other rumor is thatLue bristled at Jason Kidd being hired as his associate head coach. What coach in their right mind would want JASON KIDD as their lead assistant?!)

The phenomenal Mina Kimes on the town that raised Zion Williamson.

Welcome tothe games that will define Kyle Lowry’s legacy.

Is the sky falling in Philadelphia?

Great point by Ben Cohen:let’s hope other NBA superstars don’t follow Kawhi Leonard’s lead of chilling much of the regular season to show out in the playoffs.

Ranking the seven best non-Zion Williamson players in the NBA Draft. I wonder if any of themcan casually throw a football as far as Williamson?

What’s up with Joel Embiid?Part of the answer — much of the answer? — is Marc Gasol.

And finally:an emotional Michael Malone calls for change after a deadly school shooting in a Denver suburb.

We will remember you, Kendrick Castillo.

Be excellent to each other.

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