JAN 29, 2019: A new arrival makes some waves today — and this tiny event could trigger an earthquake that changes your entire landscape almost overnight. To prepare, get all the gritty details you can on a new person as quickly as you can. The wheels may start turning in your mind, and suddenly your outlandish ideas may not be so crazy after all. Keep pushing — see how far you can go. You’re on to something and you know it! New personalities are teaching you new tactics.


JAN 29, 2019: Listen closely to what everyone’s talking about today — there’s a hotly debated topic that you need to weigh in on. The attitudes of a few people may surprise you; probe deeper and ask them to elaborate on why they feel the way they do. What they say will provide you with some compelling clues, and will pique your interest in a new job, relationship or travel opportunity. Connect the dots and see what new project or adventure you can get going for yourself.

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