This is a fantastic day for you. The cubes finally get together properly. You are in the period when you start with a new cycle of love and activity. These starting points are well lit and now is the right time to think about how you want to remember you in the future. Your heart and mind are in full harmony, so use them for planning.


This is one of those days when you do not know what to order for a meal. You’re the official owner of the blurred head today. Stand in line thinking about what to order and when the order comes to you you have already forgotten. Emotions are so unbounded in your mind that you can not clearly think about it. Try to relax with a movie or music.


Visit the museum today, your heart and mind are interconnected with each other and you are particularly sensitive to the elements around you that use these two together. Make a special atmosphere for yourself tonight and make sure you bring a dear person or partner. Enjoy good food and drink and do not forget the dessert. Appreciate the world around you in all your beauty.


It may seem to you that the heart and the head are working against you today. You have the feeling of being together and not giving you a break, keeping you confused. Stop the clock and see a few things from another angle. Connect with your intuition, stay on the side and let others think.