pruned treeWhen Mars and Saturn clash, whatever manifests in your life is bound to harsh.  Saturn is currently transiting my natal Mars. I’ve taken a bunch of cuts lately.  Some of them have been deep. To be fair (Mars in Libra), I’ve made some cuts of my own.

There was a time when I’d have been on the floor over the pain of rejection(s). I things like this differently now. I understand the need to prune a tree in order to keep it healthy.

I have seen numerous branches crack and collapse on my own fruit trees over the last few years.  They’d been left overloaded with fruit, year after year, until they just gave up. Helllloooo?

Sometimes what is pruned from your life is significant. You don’t recover right away, not because you’re failing but because it takes time to assimilate the loss and regroup.

When you do recover, your shape has changed. It’s important to realize, there is no way to go back. My trees have new branches, bearing fruit, but they are nothing like the branches that cracked off.

Last year, the matriarch of the family that lives next door died. This was their first Christmas without her. It wasn’t the same.

Things can get better though. They heal. So if you’ve taken some harsh cuts recently, keep this in mind.

In fact, I told a client recently, that we are designed to heal. We’ve got to let this happen.

Is Saturn transiting your natal Mars? How’s it going?

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