Note: Contains spoilers forAvengers: Endgame.

Sure,Avengers: Infinity Warkilled off the likes of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Black Panther, but theimpact of the Snapreached beyond superheroes.

Half of the universe’s life was also turned to dust in an instant, so the surviving Avengershad to bring the ordinary folk back to lifeinAvengers: Endgameas well. But did they think it through fully?

We’re heading intospoilerterritory, so be warned.

So if you’re here, you know that the Avengers succeeded in their plan to reverse the Snap, bringing back all of the fallen superheroes for an epic final battle against Thanos.

They go on their “time heist” to gather the Infinity Stones from moments in the MCU’s history and once they’re back in the present, Hulk wields Tony Stark’s take on the Infinity Gauntlet and does the Counter-Snap.

Ant-Man sees the tree outside Avengers HQ bloom and Hawkeye immediately gets a call from his wife. The plan worked and the Avengers saved the day but is there a consequence they never thought about?

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We don’t actually know where all the people who were dusted come back to. We know that Doctor Strange rounded up everyone when he came back, bringing them all to the battle being waged against Thanos.

However, we can only assume that everyone arrives back where they faded from existence five years earlier.

A hint that this is the case is the call that Hawkeye receives with his wife coming back. Presumably she was near her phone and came back to that barbecue scene, but saw only mouldy hotdogs and wondered where the hell her husband had got to.

Avengers: Endgame, Jeremy Renner,

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If that is the case, what about all those people who were Snapped away as they were on a flight somewhere? Perhaps they just arrived back in mid-air and plummeted immediately to their death while all the superheroes were busy with Thanos.

How about the ones crossing the road or even driving their car during the Snap? Perhaps they just got hit straight away by an unsuspecting driver (although there might have been fewer cars on the road in a post-Snap world).

How about someone working away happily on the 20th floor of a skyscraper during the Snap that, when they returned, had been demolished in the five years since? Again, they plummet to their death.

There’s a whole bunch of possibly perilous situations that returning Snap victims could have found themselves in if they returning in the exact same place.

Avengers: Endgame Thanos

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Of course we don’t know that this is the exact mechanics of the Counter-Snap and, if it is, there is a possible explanation.

A simple solution would be that Hulk had already thought of such things and wished that everyone returned safe-and-sound on the ground, nearest to wherever they were when they were Snapped.

That’s a lot to think about though, even for Professor Hulk.

And we’re not even getting into the moral dilemmas that the Counter-Snap brings, such as anyone heading home to a loving family, only to find that their spouse had (rightfully) moved on after five years.

No, YOU’RE overthinking this.

Avengers: Endgameis out now.

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