Apple is no longer selling LG’s UltraFine 5K display – Engadget

Apple has been out of the standalone display game since 2016 when itdiscontinued its Thunderbolt display. Instead, the company opted topartner with LGto create two new UltraFine displays, which were intended to be Apple’s go-to option for external monitors. Unfortunately, the displays were plagued with performance issues, including being essentiallyunusable if placed next to a WiFi router. Sincerumorsof Apple once again making its own display have started to percolate, the company quietly began distancing itself from the LG monitors it helped to create.

It’s possible that the LG UltraFine 5K display will once again be available through Apple’s online store. Thelistingfor the product is still live, though it’s not possible to order it at the moment. The stock of the product has been spotty in recent months, andAppleInsiderreportedthe display has been “unavailable for pickup” in some markets for months. LG’s displays are still available from other sellers, but it seems like Apple is just about done with the partnership.

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