AirPods survive brutal durability test by passing through human digestive system without a scratch –


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Not long ago wereported on the potential harmful effects that wireless devices, such as Apple’s AirPods, can have on the human body. It seems a young Taiwanese man has accidentally tested one potential risk that may have been overlooked due to much of the focus being placed on possible chronic radiation syndrome; but fortunately the incident has a happy, if somewhat execrable, ending.

According to a report from theDaily Mail , Ben Hsu fell asleep while still wearing the AirPods in his ears. Somehow, one of the AirPods managed to fall out of his ear and into his open mouth, and he then subsequently swallowed it. Upon awakening, the navy recruiter realized he had lost the Apple device and used an iPhone app to locate the missing AirPod, which was now in his stomach. It was at this point Hsu came to the conclusion that a trip to hospital was a wise idea.

Medical staff took an X-ray image that showed the AirPod sitting in the recruiter’s stomach, in what seemed like quite a snug fit. Hsu was given laxatives and a later call of nature at a railway station ended with the “lucky” man being reunited with his digestedAirPod . Whether or not you find the next part of the story gross will likely depend on how much of an Apple fan you are: Mr. Hsu proceeded to clean and dry the AirPod and then tested it to see if it still worked, which it did, and it even still had 41% of its battery remaining.

It seems the plastic casing of the earbud had helped protect the AirPod digester from harm. He said he found the whole incident to be “magical” and may have inadvertently solved the argument of which is thebest productout of the Apple AirPods and the Samsung Galaxy Buds – because clearly in this case the AirPods were number two.

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