If you’re considering studying abroad to expand your horizons and experience an unforgettable semester away, New Zealand needs to be at the top of your list.

Why New Zealand you might ask? Is it their infamous wine country or world-class coffee? Their massive sheep population that boasts a sheep to human ratio of six sheep for every one person (holy sheep!)? Or maybe, New Zealand being the true “Middle Earth” from Lord of The Rings is what sparks your interest (guilty!).

Just googling photos of New Zealand alone will make you want to pack your bags and book a one-way flight, so keep reading for our student guide to conquering New Zealand for one hell of a semester abroad!

See some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse scenery

If there’s just one reason to visit New Zealand, it’s the unique scenery: it’s gonna blow your mind.  Where else can you hang out on the beach, explore caves, hike mountains, kayak across lakes, trek icy glaciers in one weekend? Whatever you’re into, you will find it here.

Aoraki/Mount Cook, Canterbury

Mount Cook is the alpine wonderland located on the South Island in Canterbury. With skyscraping mountain tops and captivating glaciers, Mount Cook holds the title of being the highest mountain in NZ at a generous 3,724 meters (12,218 ft). Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or just up for strapping your walking boots on, there’s an alpine activity here for you.

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Awaroa Beach, Abel Tasman National Park

This slice of paradise is publicly owned by over 40,000 Kiwis who came together to buy this once private plot.  Think lush forest, golden sand and turquoise water, this beautiful beach is nestled in the equally beautiful Abel Tasman National Park.

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