We spent a lot of time on the South Island during our first trip to New Zealand and feel it is definitely the more adventurous side of the two.

The South Island is the larger of the two islands but has a lower population making for amazing backcountry adventures and unspoiled scenery.

1. Bungy Jump in Queenstown

You can’t visit New Zealand without doing a bunjy jump

Bungy jumping was invented by AJ Hackett in Queenstown, and if you are visiting here, you must make sure you jump off a platform at one of the sites.

A bungy jump is the number 1 activity of things to do in New Zealand for many people, if you don’t do it, you’ll be sorry!

There are many to choose from. The original Bridge Jump, The Ledge Bunjy and the terrifying Nevis Bungy located 134 metre over the middle of a gorge!

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