Every couple makes mistakes–but some marriage mistakes are worse than others and can break the marriage if not attended to early enough. Avoid these  mistakes if you can.

1. You stop being social with other people outside of your marriage

There is a chance that you and your spouse will just want to keep to yourselves the whole time throughout the initial year of your relationship. Don’t do that. Remember that you have a social life that you still need to give some time and attention to.

2. Expecting your partner will be different

People think marriage will make someone more mature, calmer, etc. “Do not expect your partner to now be any different than they were last year. You married a person with their own history, personality and experience — so we should expect this is what you are getting at the most part.

3. Acting Like You Are Still Single

Now is the time to grow up. Hanging out with your friends all night and going to clubs was all right when you were a single person with no one waiting for you at home. Now you’ll need to negotiate how much time to spend with friends and how to maintain your former friendship while balancing that with your marriage.

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