France and Italy are fantastic, but what about all the countries in Europe that aren’t as popular? Of course these destinations will be busy, because this is still Europe after all, but nonetheless they offer less crowds, less expensive flights and, most importantly, present an opportunity to discover a place you haven’t already seen a million photos of. These are the 11 most overlooked European countries that not enough people visit and that you should plan your next trip to ASAP.


Make your Sound of Music (1965) dreams come true in Austria. From skiing in winter, a music festival in summer, amazing nature and majestic towns and cities, this country is a must-see. Did we mention they also have what is possibly the chocolatiest cake ever invented? It’s called sachertorte, and it is to die for.


For some of the most pristine beaches in Europe, head to Cyprus. The island is south of Turkey, west of Lebanon and southeast of Greece, so the amalgamation of culture is quite special and the scenery something else.

Faroe Islands

An autonomous country composed of 18 islands within the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. A short flight from the UK, these majestic islands definitely fit in the ‘road less travelled’ category and are the perfect spot for nature lovers (there are puffins, guys), hikers and fans of picturesque villages.
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