Tucked in between the soaring Alps, Austria is an enchanting country with dream-like landscapes, picture perfect meadows and grasslands, stunning baroque architecture and music flowing through its veins.

From pretty villages to magnificent cities, from the best operas to the most lavish desserts Austria has the perfect ingredients to intoxicate your senses. Let us guide you through the picturesque landscapes and stunning cities to find out the best places to visit in Austria, including the usual suspects like Vienna and Salzburg and some hidden unexplored gems like Bregenz and Wachau.

1. Vienna – For a walk down the glorious past

The city of grand palaces and museums, the home of Opera and Beethoven, Vienna is a city steeped in culture and grandeur. A walk down the city’s beautiful Ringstrasse Boulevard, lined with royal buildings like the Hofburg Imperial Palace and many beautiful parks, is a great way to let the magic of Vienna grow on you.

The opulent Schonbrunn & Belvedere Palaces and the ornate St Stephen’s Cathedral are architectural marvels and a must-visit for art and history enthusiasts. Don’t forget to sip the famous Viennese coffee at one of many cozy coffee houses and gaze in wonder at the world famous Vienna Opera House before you bid adieu to one of the best places to visit in Austria.

Ideal for: History, Architecture, Culture

2. Salzburg – A date with Mozart and the Sound of Music

Salzburg brings to mind a charming city surrounded by rolling green meadows, majestic historical buildings and Mozart. The birthplace of the genius composer and the place where the iconic movie Sound of music was shot. Salzburg tops the list of Austria tourist attractions.

The old town Aldsten with its stunning baroque buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the imposing Hohensalzburg fortress boasts of being Europe’s last preserved castle. The grand extravaganza of culture, music and arts, the Salzburger Festspiele during summers is an experience to remember.

Ideal for: Architecture, Nature, Photography, Music