The most frequent New Year’s wish for most women is slimming or increased physical activity. Research has shown that before December 31st, most members of the tenderer sex begin to train pilates, yoga, aerobics …

For those who do not want to wait for the first January, we take an exercise that will completely revive your body for exactly 21 days.

The most important thing is to do this exercise every day. Only then will you get the desired results.

The exercise plan is simple: you practice this exercise every day without exception.

The first week: Begin with a 20-second delivery and increase up to 60 seconds.

Other Sundays: With 60 seconds, increase the load to 90 seconds.

Third week: With 90 seconds, increase the load to 120 seconds.

Plank vežba

You will do the plank by placing your forearms on the floor. Align the elbows beneath your shoulders. Hands must be parallel with the body at a distance from the shoulders. Correct the neck and spine in one place on the floor, about 30 centimeters in front. Keep your head in line with your back. Hold the position for 20 seconds.

On the second week, when your base post becomes comfortable, lift one leg and keep the position for about 20 seconds, then replace the position, and hold the other leg 20 seconds in the air while the rest of the body is in the position of a regular plank.

During the third week, upgrade the plank so that after 20 seconds of a regular plank, the body will be lifted up to the shape of the bridge and keep the body in that position for 30 seconds.

After 21 days your body will look great. Muscles will be tightened considerably. You will keep your spine straight, your butt will be firm, and your stomach muscles will be stiff!

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